Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Exposed: Beyond Burlesque (Cinema) via Big Gay Picture Show 

Not ready to hang up the nipple tassels just yet: Queen of burlesque, who once dated Elvis and whose breasts are insured for $1million still loves performing at 85 via Daily Mail

New Burlesque: Is it empowering or demeaning to women? via BBC News

High Score: New Poll Reveals UK’s Top 20 Burlesque Performers via This Is Cabaret

Beyond the Christmas Cabaret via 21st Century Burlesque

Lou Safire’s Stockholm Burlesque Festival Diary via This Is Cabaret

#StripperProblems No. 21 — “Sequin” via Burlesque Beat

Serving Fish? Or: How I Stopped Reinforcing a Negative Image of the Feminine Body via Coochie Crunch

Forgotten and Found: Hunting Down Canada’s Burlesque Past via Burlesque Beat

Amy Touchette and The World Famous *BOB*,” JOY 94.9 Podcast via Clampart.com

The Alternative Punchline via Coochie Crunch



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