So I was only on the blummin tellybox last night, wasn’t I?! You might have missed me if you went off to make a quick brew/ glanced down for a second 😉


Last night BBC Inside Out East Midlands dedicated a third of their show to the every increasing burlesque scene in their area.

It featured interviews with Scarlett Daggers, Eliza DeLite Charlotte Thomson and Heidi Bang Tidy who all are incredible ambassadors for burlesque.

Scarlett runs fantastic events such as The Gilded Merkin,  the soon recently announced LaDeDa Cabaret and (with Charlotte) Dr Sketchy Nottingham, at the latter of which I performed my Poison Ivy act for the last time in December and the BBC were there to film it.

The show will be available via BBC iplayer until next Monday, it’s a fantastic piece and really captures a great snapshot of burlesque.


Burlesque on the BBC (with a little bit of me)

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