Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Back In The Saddle via The Gay News Network 

In Pictures: Burlesque On Ice via This Is Cabaret

Burlesque 101–10 Year Anniversary Show–Toronto via Burlesque Beat 

Paco Fish: On Innovation and Community via 21st Century Burlesque 

All I Want for Christmas: Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets via 21st Century Burlesque 

Isabelle L’Amour: Over the Blue Moon via 21st Century Burlesque 

The Friday Interview: Burlesque On Ice Producer Sam Jenkins via This Is Cabaret

The transformative beauty of burlesque via The Week

Mod Carousel Down Under: Final Week of Shows in Melbourne via 21st Century Burlesque 

Burlesque Dancer Banned from Burlesque to Keep Custody of Her Children via 21st Century Burlesque 

Give Dixie a final home: 3 days left via Burlesque Seattle Press



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