Burlesque Weekly Round Up

Briefs reject ‘gay pics’ slur in pre-selection scandal via Performing Arts Hub 

World Premiere of Burlesque on Ice via Everything Theatre 

Bushwick Burlesque Presents Limitless: A Marina Abramovic Tribute via Burlesque Beat

Desert Island Strips, Episode 1: Dangrrr Doll via 21st Century Burlesque 

Boylesque: a new twist on striptease puts the pasties on men via Philly.com

Fitness Tips from a Burlesque Star via Chicago Racked 

Burlesque on Ice – First EVER! Via In The Heyday

Booty Beauty Tips from Viral Video Vixen Michelle L’amour via 21st Century Burlesque

Watch the Shows, Take the Workshops! Via Coochie Crunch

Catching up with Stripped Screw via Burlesque Seattle Press

Joy Burch should be sacked over Nazi skit, says Jeremy Hanson via Canberra Times 


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