How Does It Feel? Five Months on From My Last Performance

Recently the question has come up from a few people (performers and non-performers alike) about how I feel after five months on not performing. Do I miss it? Will I get back up there again? What am I doing with my time?

I wrote a blog back in December about my reasons for not performing and where I saw myself fit into the burlesque world without the stage being my main focus. I’ll try not to repeat myself with my answers below.

 What am I Doing With My Time?

I am writing. Copy-writing press releases in my spare time. Writing my own blogs here (some of which have been republished on 21st Century Burlesque), on my sewing website and I’m blogging about film merch and other little bits when I get the time over at

I am sewing, a lot. Mostly bits for Vegas at the minute but by the end of the year and I am going to have a few pieces for sale as I’m really getting into my stride.

My sewing blog is really taking off and has been nominated under the Best Vintage Fashion/Lifestyle Blog category in the National Vintage Awards!


(Voting is open throughout May and it’s a simple click to select Stacey Stitch and then enter your email address to confirm the vote (you won’t be spammed). Clicking on the photo or links above should take you straight to the website.

I need to be in the top 3 and I’m currently in 4th place. Only the top 3 go through to the judges panel. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time if you have it spare! Thank you!)

Other than that I’ve been spending time with my husband. My wonderful Nana turned 90 on Friday and it was my husband’s birthday on Sunday and I climbed up a waterfall.

I’ve also been falling a little in love with Northern Soul.

In all honesty I have no idea how I managed to have a burlesque career alongside all of the things I was doing before, but the successes I have been having have made me realise that I definitely made the right choice focusing and spending more time on other passions.

 Do I Miss It?

I don’t feel that I do miss it. I have kept in touch with friends I made, attended events and I still co-run and organise the North West Burlesque Society. I still see my burlesque friends and revel in their happiness and successes both off stage and on.

I’m attending the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas this year, as funnily enough now I’m not performing and spending cash (on costumes/petrol/all the other gubbins that come with new acts) I can afford to get out there, and after all, after years of burlesque grafting, I deserve a treat right?

Maybe I’ll feel different when I get back, I’m fully expecting to be in awe of everyone out there!

I do miss: backstage banter, car journeys with friends I haven’t seen for ages, travelling to various and obscure places in the UK, glittering myself up at least once a week, the bling

I don’t miss: the late nights, eating crappy takeaway food, driving all hours, missing sunny afternoons with my friends, my husband (we see each other all of the time now – yey!)

Will I Get Back Up There Again?

I don’t think I will. I think it would be a different matter wholly if I didn’t have a creative outlet but sewing (one of the things I wanted to spend more time doing) has really taken over that side of my life and between that and part time copywriting/blogging, I feel creatively fulfilled.

I mean, look at this gorgeous dress I’m currently working on! How could I not feel fulfilled?


It has been really nice to get an unexpected email or two asking me to perform at an event but I haven’t been tempted in the slightest. I feel more relaxed (8 hours of sleep a night?!) with less pressure on me (all of my own) I feel less anxious.

 In conclusion….

I love burlesque, I really still do, but I have enjoyed it more in the last five months than in the last year of making my decision to stop performing.

I can look at someone on stage and see the beauty of it again rather than trying to pick apart someone’s performance to find out what makes the audience tick. I can make things for me and not worry that other people might not like what I’ve put together. I can sit back, relax and enjoy the goings on now that I’m a step or two away.

I’d say to anyone who is feeling how I did, have a little time away even if it’s not a full stop for them and it’s just a break to re-charge their batteries away from the scene, to re-discover what they love without external influences and to truly decide what it is they want and what’s important to them from a creative point of view.

Thanks for reading ( and vote Stacey Stiitch!) xx


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