Dixey: Where Gentlemen Are Always Immaculately Undressed: Work & Fun

Annnnd, I’m back. Sorry the hiatus on blog posts but the last month has been a little hectic!

I was lucky enough to work with the amazing folks over at Dixey: Where Gentlemen Are Always Immaculately Undressed, as part of their Ed Fringe show, running their twitter and facebook accounts.

Unfortunately due to other work commitments I only got to go up to Edinburgh for a long weekend at the start but I did get to hang out with the cast and crew, all of whom were super lovely (as if I would have expected anything else).

The show was a magical fairy tale but a kind of nekkid fairy tale, with fantastic performances from the cream of the boylesque crop and some gorgeous circus ladies pulling off some excellent hand balancing and amazing aerial feats. It starred Tigger! Russell Bruner, Jett adore, Bazuka Joe, Ray Gunn (The Stage Door Johnnies), Tamzen and Zoe Jones and was a Beyond the Cabaret production sponsored by Sublime Boudoir.

The show was received excellently by the press with four 4 star reviews, it was included in the Times top 5 must see cabaret list and even a top banana award from Dr Sketchy Edinburgh. Feedback from the audience was top notch and everyone lived happily ever after!

It did mean a month of late nights followed by early mornings for the day job and a constant eye of twitter and fb but it was such an honour to work alongside the best in the business, and best of all I got to sit and watch it all two nights running.

Below are some pics I took (which were used on Twitter/FB) so they’re not amazing but they were just quick snaps from my phone for the accounts.

Big love to all of the Dixey cast and crew for making me feel so welcome and putting on such a fantastic show. You’re all amazing (but you know that, right?) xx

2014-08-02 22.28.06 2014-08-01 22.45.34 2014-08-02 22.31.37 2014-08-02 22.35.57 2014-08-02 22.41.592014-08-02 22.49.45 2014-08-02 22.54.57 2014-08-02 23.03.35 2014-08-02 23.05.19 2014-08-02 23.05.26


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