Review: The Slippery Belle, Manchester, October 2014

It was a triumphant return to Manchester for its longest standing burlesque event The Slippery Belle, in October. Having felt its absence over the previous months my heart was aching for a slice of this delicious burlesque pie and it packed a punch with naughty, funny and sparkly burlesque.

Let me start by saying this; The Slippery Belle has a place in my heart for many reasons. It was a staple of the circuit throughout my performing career, it’s filled with a fantastic audience and as a home crowd gig you always knew you were in for a good show. The audience are always noisy, fun and above all friendly but it’s not just the audience that make the Slippery Belle events a success it’s the overall atmosphere and the kind of acts that get booked.

In a time when mainstream burlesque and some of the bigger shows out there are going down the “classic showgirl” route the Slippery Belle always sticks to its guns and has delivers with the perfect balance of comedy and classic, side by side and complimenting each other beautifully. What you see and what you get it a show that has variety, substance and style and it doesn’t disappoint.

The new venue (Zoo) is perfect for the show, there is allocated seating for the more expensive tickets and your view isn’t skewed from anywhere in the room. The drinks are relatively cheap and the bar and venue staff are attentive and friendly.

A big shout out to Rock Hart – who gave the audience a little more than they bargained for; the increasingly and ever funny woman with the best name in the business – Titsalina Bumsquash and the gorgeous Ginger La Rouge who wowed the crowd with her Charleston/acrobatic antics – Bravo!

Here are a few pics from the night courtesy of Crystal Nightshade Photography and Jonathan Paul Maddock Photography – permission to share from The Slippery Belle.

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The next Slippery Belle is scheduled for next Saturday, 13th December – you can get your tickets via Skiddle.